The Beagle is a breed of dog recognized by the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel.


Coat Colors:

Tricolor and Lemon & White

Coat Length:






Description and Temperament Edit

3DS: "Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts a densely muscled frame." Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds in Nintendogs + Cats. Perhaps it is how much they've changed since the original Nintendogs or their cute and cuddly plush-like coats. Beagles are also a big part of popular culture. Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip and the superhero Underdog are such examples.

At the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel, the Beagle comes in Tricolor and Lemon & White. If the player picks "Surprise me!" they may find a pure white beagle mix or even a "Puggle"--a beagle/pug mix.

Unlocking the BreedEdit

3DS Cost: $1,280

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