The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed of dog recognized by the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Coat Colors: Blenium Tricolor Red
Coat Length: Long
Size: Medium
Origin: Britain


[hide]*1 Description and Temperament

Description and TemperamentEdit

DS: "Thought to be the oldest breed in all of Britain, the cavalier is a knight among dogs."

3DS (NTSC): "This British dog is distinguished by its noble bearing and elegant, silky ears."

3DS (PAL): "This English dog is distinguished by its noble bearing and elegant silky ears."

The recognized kinds are Blenheim, Tricolor, and Ruby. If the player chooses "Surprise me!" they may find a gray version of the Blenheim, a black-and-brown (or Black & Tan) a black-and-white, or a pure white puppy. The Cavalier is nicknamed "the lap dog" because of its devoted and mild-mannered temperament and how it is often affectionate. The Cavalier in many ways fits the bill as an ideal house pet. It is sweet, gentle, playful, willing to please, affectionate, and quiet. It is amiable towards other dogs, pets, and strangers.

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