The Golden Retriever is a breed of dog recognized by the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel. It is also a mascot of Nintendogs + Cats.

Golden Retriever

Coat Colors:

Gold (deep yellow), reddish-brown, pale yellow

Coat Length:







3DS (NTSC): "This large breed originated in Scotland and boasts a wavy coat and fine temperament."

3DS (PAL): "This large breed originates in Scotland and boasts a wavy coat and a fine temperament."

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in Nintendogs + Cats, possibly because of their fluffy, cuddly water-repellent coat or their large brown eyes and featurable "smile". This breed was the first ever Nintendogs + Cats Obedience Trial Champion, and it has what is called a "soft mouth," which means it's gentle when picking things up. Its "soft mouth" allows it to even pick up fragile items without breaking them.

Although the Golden Retriever tends to be portrayed as the perfect family dog, aggression has begun showing up in the breed in Nintendogs + Cats. Watch out for personalities when picking your pooch that may read words such as "Jealousy", "Stubborn" or "Aggression". This may lead to a badly behaved, naughty puppy who will get the best out of you. Teach it to wag more and bark less with lots of training early, and you will get the perfect pet. The Golden Retriever's recognized kind comes in Golden. If the player chooses "Surprise me!" they may find a pure white Golden Retriever, or a mixed breed (golden retriever/ beagle).

Unlocking the BreedEdit

3DS Cost: $1,580

The Golden Retriever even has its own 3DS version, Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends, which is called Shiba Inu & New Friends in Japan. The reason for this is that, while the Shiba Inu is popular and well-known in Japan, the Golden Retriever is more popular and well-known in America.