Kitten1 (Toy Poodle) (French Bulldog NTSC) (French Bulldog PAL) (Golden Retriever NTSC) (Golden Retriever PAL) (Shetland Sheepdog NTSC) (Shetland Sheepdog PAL) (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) (Miniature Schnauzer NTSC) (Miniature Schnauzer PAL) (Boxer) (Bull Terrier NTSC) (Bull Terrier PAL) (Labrador Retriever) (Shih Tzu) (Jack Russell Terrier NTSC) (Jack Russell Terrier PAL) (Pomeranian NTSC) (Pomeranian PAL) (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel NTSC) (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel PAL) (Dalmatian) (Yorkshire Terrier NTSC) (Yorkshire Terrier PAL) (German Shepherd NTSC) (German Shepherd PAL) (Siberian Husky NTSC) (Siberian Husky NTSC) (Basset Hound NTSC) (Basset Hound PAL) (Beagle NTSC) (Beagle PAL) (Miniature Pinscher) (Miniature Dacshund NTSC) (Miniature Dacshund PAL) (Maltese) (Great Dane NTSC) (Great Dane PAL) (Pug) (Cocker Spaniel NTSC) (Cocker Spaniel PAL) (Shiba Inu) (Standard Cat) (Oriental Shorthair Cat) (Longhair Cat)

For more resources and tips, contact PuppyLove11 at her talk page. The expert knows, and so does the founder and author! Thank you!

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