The Standard Spotted Tabby Cat is a cat breed introduced by the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel. In the photo are a trio of a Savannah (left), Bengal (middle) and Serengeti (right) kittens.


3DS: "This well-proportioned kitten is healthy and playful -- and not fussy about its owner."

This breed looks more like a domesticated version of a wild or jungle cat. Its color variations are shades of gray, orange, and tan. The only places that it has stripes are on its head, tail, and legs. The rest of the markings are its leopard-style or marbled spots. The spot markings may be a color with a darker shade border or simply a single color with no border. Breeds like the Savannah may be domestic cat breeds crossed with feral cats such as the serval. The Bengal cat is an original exotic cat breed with the characteristical colors and looks of an exotic cat with the personality of an ordinary housecat. The Serengeti is the newest version of the Spotted Tabby crossed with the Serval, Savannah, Bengal, and other exotic cats.


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The primary breeds in Nintendogs + Cats may be Standard, Oriental Shorthair, and Longhair, but there are secondary breeds (breeds combined to form one breed of cat).